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Game-Changing Marketing for Gyms

Your marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Just hand the reins to us and Gym Boss Marketing Co. will set up campaigns and automated follow ups that make it rain members. 

Our services come with no lock in contracts and a guarantee that you will get 60 qualified clients through the doors of your gym (or you get your money back). 


Marketing for gyms

Imagine if your marketing just happened… without you ever having to log into Facebook or learn how social media advertising works. 

Now imagine if your marketing was so effective, you never have to wonder where your member leads are going to come from.

GMBC makes all this happen with tested and proven strategies. It’s all done for you so you can focus on other things. 


Marketing: Phase Two

Now that you have their attention, make sure those leads actually show up to check out your gym or fitness centre. 

Amplify from GMBC takes over follow-ups so you don’t have to spend hours chasing leads, making phone calls and sending emails.