FREE SCRIPT: How To Sign Up New Gym and PT Clients Over The Phone With Ease

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Thats the first thing that comes to mind with most people.

Here is a simple system/script and flow for your conversations to guide people to a decision. And that decision might be to NOT TRAIN with you so you DO NOT sell people into a program that is not right for them.

You have to have ethics and morals in this game called business.

In saying that, this process is very powerful.

With as little as 1 hour of running through the script process and doing several practice pitches (more on that for another article), I have had people on the phones closing deals.

Below is the exact process we use for my PT business and also my clients you are gym owners, CrosFit Box owners, Bootcamp, Fight gyms, Pilates/Yoga studios, Group Training, PT’s, the works.


Tell them your name and where you are from

Inform them that you won’t take up heaps of their time.
No one wants to be hanging about chatting for ages. Respect their time.

Tell them the purpose of the call
“The reason for the call is I see you applied for the (insert your program name here)”

Ask about their current situation and how it makes them feel being like that.
“But before we get into the program, tell me about yourself. Why apply for the program?”

Ask why they opted in
You can’t ask WHY enough… Trust me on this one. And also ask them how does that make you feel is another powerful statement to get to the bottom of what they want your help.

Ask why is it important for them to change now cos they could essentially do nothing and remain the same or continue to get worse?
Get to the root of WHY they want to make a change. Everyones reasons are different so never assume.

Ask what their desired outcome is.
“What’s your ultimate goals? If you could have no limitation in 12 months time, what would ultimately make you happy?”

Establish a gap between today and their desired outcome
“I’ve got a great idea of where you’re at and where you want to get to. But as you can see there is a huge gap between the 2. What do you think you need to do or learn to close that gap and hit your goals out of the park?”

Perfect fit
If what they want and what they need is a great fit for your program, let them know…. But only if they are, don’t be a sleaze-ball about it.

Here’s how it works
Tell them the overview of the program and how it all works and how it aligns to their outcomes they want to achieve.


Present the price and ask for the sale

Just tell them straight up what the price is… Don’t beat around the bush and be confident.

Closing statement:
“Getting started is really simple. We go through your payment info over the
phone today and then book you in for your orientation session. So what will that be, visa or master card for the (insert price of your program)….

Then just be quite and keep your mouth shut and let them pay… this is where most people stuff up by talking too much.

Congratulate them
Don’t thank them, pump them up instead. This is a huge deal for them so make them feel great about wanting to improve their lives.

Tell them what to expect next.
Tell them what communication they will review next (email, text with program details, start date, address etc…)


Of course I won’t blow smoke up your ass and say that you’re going to be a killer from day 1. Like anything in life it takes practice and confidence comes with time in the saddle as it were.

Practice the script for 30 mins each morning.

Do role plays with your staff.

Get this scripting embedded into your brain.

Also add in your own personality and pepper it with your own flavour.

Just don’t go off onto tangents.

Remember to be human and have fun with it.


Good luck legend, I know you’ll crush it.

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