Death to the FREE Trial… But Only If You Want A Successful Business

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I’m about to show you the seamlessly profitable One Page Business Model for gyms and PT’s to dominate 2019 and beyond.

I bet you’ve thought about doing free trials and discounts?

You’re probably using them right now…


This will have you scrambling like a mad hatter or a suburban mum on boxing day sales.

Just grabbing at anything that comes your way and hoping for the best

Desperation is a stench prospects can smell a mile away.

You’ll look, sound and act like a grease ball car salesmen.

Not good Cheeko.



When you know your overall strategy THEN you have a plan.

I’m not saying these things are bad. You just have to know how to strategically use them to fit into your overall business strategy.

How these things fit into your business “flow”.

Everything will fall under one of these 4 buckets:

1. Leads
2. Conversion System
3. LBE
4. Core


Here’s the basic flow:



This ^^ is the journey that you have to take all clients on.

Pretty simple yeah?

Simple gets done.

And done is better than any other fancy stuff that never gets actioned on.



* FB ads
* Instagram ads
* YouTube ads
* Referrals
* Organic content marketing
* Email
* JV’s
* Plus heaps more…


CONVERSION SYSTEM (how you get these people from a prospect into a paying customer)

* Phone (my favourite)
* 1:1 in person consult
* Seminar
* Sales page online


LBE (low barrier to entry)

* Paid trials
* 7, 14, 21, 28 days challenges/ programs
* Short term stuff to bring them into your world and how you do things


CORE (your flagship program/s)

* 3 month programs
* 6 month programs
* 12 month programs

Now that you have an idea of HOW this all fits together you can put out strategic offers that bring people into your world. WITHOUT the stench of desperation.

Be of value to people.

Speak to them.

Find out what it is THEY want.

Create an offer that SOLVES that problem.

This is now your LBE.

SIDE NOTE: The best bit about your LBE is now the client PAYS YOU before they ever set foot into your gym for their trial period. This now funds the marketing to attract EVEN MORE NEW CLIENTS so you will be attracting new highly targeted and committed clients with no expense to you!

This is how you can grow and scale, fast.

This LBE should tie into your Core memberships and Flagship Programs so they flow together seamlessly.

ALL of this should be client focused to GIVE THEM the best experience and result possible.

If you switch the focus from yourself to them, your products and services will blow your competition out of the water.

If this was valuable to you, just let me know in the comments below.

Chat soon legend

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